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Food Sovereignty

Food sovereignty is about more than access to food. It’s about the ability of a community to provide nutritious food for all its members throughout all seasons. Our food sovereignty programs include producing, gathering and preserving foods using both traditional and new methods. 

Shelly Fyant, our Food Sovereignty Chair, on what food sovereignty is and why it's important to our community. 

Food Sovereignty

Food Sovereignty

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Dry meat racks

Dry Meat Racks

Shelly has been working on turning a small patch of land near the Arlee Community Center into a space where food can be grown and preserved. The shelter at the space was originally the entrance to the Grey Wolf Peak Casino near Evaro. It was dismantled and shipped to Arlee, where it was reassembled by volunteers. Meat can be dried on the two food-grade stainless steel racks. This facility is open for use to the community and firewood is available. Future additions will include food-grade stainless steel cutting counters.

Cooking Classes

Learn to cook like a pro with lessons from a chef! We offer a variety of cooking classes that build culinary skills and emphasize fresh, local ingredients. To see what classes we have coming up, check our news and events section.

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raspberry picking

Canning Classes

Canning is a great way to preserve fresh fruits and vegetables for use all year round. Here we're picking raspberries to make jam. Participants took home two jars of jam, along with their new canning skills. The rest of the jam went to our food pantry. Skills learned in this class can be applied to canning other foods as well. 

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