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Business Development

Small businesses are the engine that powers our economy, and that’s especially true in small communities.

Arlee business loop

Business Consulting

If you have a small business or if you’re an entrepreneur with an idea for a start-up, we’re here to help. Working with our partners, we can help you with:


  • Setting up a business structure

  • Registrations and licenses

  • Finding a location

  • Writing a business plan

  • Getting a loan

  • Managing a business

  • Creating a marketing plan

  • Setting up a business accounting system

  • Hiring and training staff

  • Buying or selling a business


If you’re in business or would like to be, contact us. We’re here to set small businesses on the path to success. We’ll help you start up, grow and thrive. Because when small businesses thrive, so does the community.

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