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Garden for Life

An acre of land on Powwow Road has been turned into a beautiful garden that provides fresh produce for the community and our food pantry. See our progress in year one as we turned a barren patch of land into a bountiful garden. We're looking forward to growing even more produce in year two. Would you like to be involved in this fun, family-friendly project? Email or call 406-726-5550. Funding for the garden is provided by No Kid Hungry Share Our Strength, the Gianforte Family Foundation, and the O.P. & W.E. Edwards Foundation.

Ready for Raspberries

Thanks to one of our wonderful volunteers! Bryce Andrews of Thunder Road Farm brought his tractor and rototiller to prep the soil for 250 raspberry canes that we’ll be planting on Saturday. He also spread wood chips donated by Mission Valley Power on the garden pathway. This saved us many hours of manual labor! We’re looking forward to adding a raspberry patch to our beautiful Garden for Life.

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Ready for Veggies

We've been working on weeding he garden and getting the soil prepped for planting. We'll be planting seeds and seedlings the last week of May. We're also making organic compost. We're looking forward to seeing row upon row of organic vegetables. 


Plants are going in! Thanks to Harlequin Produce for their generous donation of starter plants, and to Bonnie White's environmental science / EAGLES club students at Arlee High School for planting and growing starters for us. With a little sunshine, water and regular tending from our amazing volunteers, these little green sprouts will soon become a flourishing garden. 

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