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Arlee Garden Class Schedule

Our classes meet Fridays, 9:00 to 11:00 AM at the Arlee Community Center on Powwow Road. The class schedule is on for three weeks, then off for one week. We'll have 55 rows of produce, and need a volunteer or family for each row. Email or call 406-546-5633 to sign up.

Week One, May 19 

Lesson Topic: Humility. Gardening topic: Orientation - The Living Soil & Making Compost

Week Two, May 26

Lesson Topic: Sensitivity. Gardening Topic: Factors Influencing Plant Growth & Growing Transplants

Week Three, June 2

Lesson Topic: Potential, Part 1. Gardening Topic: Soil Preparation & Planting (Part 1: Amendments & Direct Seeding)

Off June 9


Week Four, June 16

Lesson Topic: Potential, Part 2. Gardening Topic: Soil Preparation & Planting (Part 2: Mulching & Irrigation)

Week Five, June 23

Lesson Topic: Vision. Gardening Topic: Transplanting & Thinning

Week Six, June 30

Lesson Topic: Alertness. Gardening Topic: Cultivation & Weed Control (Part 1)

Off July 7

Week Seven, July 14

Lesson Topic: Determination. Gardening Topic: Cultivation & Weed Control (Part 2)

Week Eight, July 21

Lesson Topic: Responsibility. Gardening Topic: Feeding the Crop

Week Nine, July 28

Lesson Topic: Discernment. Gardening Topic: Insect & Disease Control (Part 1)

Off August 4

Week Ten, August 11

Lesson Topic: Decisiveness. Gardening Topic: Insect & Disease Control (Part 2)

Week Eleven, August 18

Lesson Topic: Orderliness. Gardening Topic: Harvest & Handling (Part 1: In the Field)

Week Twelve, August 25

Lesson Topic: Creativity. Gardening Topic: Harvest & Handling (Part 2: Cooling & Shipping)

Off September 1

Week Thirteen, September 8

Lesson Topic: Endurance. Gardening Topic: Harvest & Handling (Part 3: Freezing & Canning)

Week Fourteen, September 15

Lesson Topic: Courage. Gardening Topic: Clean Up

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